Eco: Survival game is dead? The Developer team have problems?

  • The Spanish Eco Community (official forum) is dead, zero activity in 2 months. And in the kickstarter page they promise have the beta on 2015 and we are in the Alpha 5 on 2017.
    Someone can explainme something more about that? I cant play the game correctly (servers crashes, really bad optimitation, etc.) And I have a good pc and I can run other games with more graphics and number of objects with the highest quality but here I need play with the lowest quality with 40 FPS. Someone? Thx!

  • Try out the new 5.5 stable build now up for download on the main Eco page. If your having problems with lag. Come try out are 16Gb ram memory, High Priority SSD 100player slot server. ECO WASTE. To learn more check out our website at:

  • @Alderone Perfect thx! I will try your server

  • Just so you know i have just updated the server with a hotfix so you will need to download Version 5.5.1

  • Official spanish forum? we dont have an official spanish forum O.o .. this here is the only official forum. We are doing in fact fine .. Though i must admit that time estimates for the beta are off. Though this is nothing unormal, it is hard to impossible to predict release times early in development. And i am sorry about that . every beta backer should have access now to the alpha though and we are sorry to use more time than expected. Originally we planed to release the beta apr 2016 but did not even make that date close to that. but the alpha got released in 2015 as promised ;) We got allot of good feedback we have been working on and new ideas we have been implementing. Something that has increased the development time of eco. Optimizing is still a thing that needs to be done but it is already allot better then earlier version like alpha 1-3 . But there is still allot of optimizing work left =)

    So . Eco is not dead and we dont have any problems =) but it is taking a bit longer than expected but this is normally for any early access game and to be expected ;)

  • If this isnt a troll post I dont know what is.

  • For sure not dead. I recently bought access to the game and it's an amazing community and I can't wait for the finished product. Just want to reassure others that are viewing this post that the game is going great and I personally and am enjoying it and not having any major issues that destract from gameplay.

  • Feature creep, the gift that keeps on giving

  • @Alderone looks like the server is down

  • ECO WASTE Is Always Up And Running 24/7. if your Trying to add the server by ip dont put the port in. the games server list does it for you.

    Server ip:

  • Admins of this game are very active indeed.
    Bought a 4pack last sunday, but did not get access to the download. After checking the forum, i saw that normally u should get the download access right after paying, so i send an e-mail to check if something went wrong with the payment.

    got a reply in minutes after sending it, that something had gone wrong, but that it got fixed already, and indeed i could download and send the 3 other keys out to my clan immediately.

    Best support i ever had in any game!
    p.s. game runs great for an alpha, and no game breaking bugs encountered so far. good job guys! Keep up the great work.

  • @Alderone said:

    still getting the same thing, and that is the server IP you have. I have double and triple checked my network connection.


    and it's not my internet, I have a fast ping on that IP address.


    Been like that all day hasn't changed. I would be happy to try any troubleshooting methods you may have. I am a programmer and DBA by trade so believe me when I say I have checked my router, firewall, security software and my ISP.

    Just to quadruple check I added the port as well as a separate server to to make sure it wasn't a bug of some sort, but thats not to say that this may not be getting caused by a bug.


  • I'm about to restart the server to try to fix a map bug. Remove that ip. and it should show up on the server list ECO WASTE is in bright green. Or add me on steam Alderone (ECO WASTE). you can also hop on our TS 3 ( on it right now. and I will help you find it. I understand it can be buggy trying to find a server and i will do my best to help get you online.

    I would really wish they fix this problem everyone seems to have a issue adding servers in one way or another.

  • @Alderone Awesome server thanks for working through this with me.

    For anyone else reading this it's a great server with great admins you should come play.

  • @Viper80_nl ,p.s. game runs great for an alpha, and no game breaking bugs encountered so far. good job guys! Keep up the great work.

    This game have bugs like other Alphas, small and big bugs (like crashes) but the most important thing that they have to improve is the optimitation, now the game spend a lot of resourses.

    And I said "dead" for the updates, the game doesn´t have too much updates (have more small updates than big updates), however when I open this post the developer team do a small update.

    In my opinion, the game like other Alphas, have a lot of things to change and improve and they can do this things faster.

  • @Sr_Tregras seriously they are coming out with new updates at least every few months with a lot of expanded content. For a small group of developers they are actually making great progress and they are doing it faster than most alphas progress.

  • You cant really look at kickstarter news updates. We have allot more and often updates. But there is no point makinga 5000 word news update on some minor fixes to backers. Its better to gather several updates and inform backers about that. While our community can keep track here. You cant also expect that a small dev team of around 6 people can make large changes to the core game ( that require to go trough all code to make the game working again because small changes in core gameplay can break the whole game) every 2-3 weeks. This takes unfortunately 1-2 month actually.

    Making a game is actually a hard thing. and its not easy at all. It takes also quite some time. Just look at stardew valley made by 1 person. Its allot simpler than eco since its a 2d game without a large eco system to simulate and balance . It still took that one person 4 years to make that game. Its a great game but it takes time, something you cant do over night.

    We are aware of performance issues and optimization and we work on them . But putting to much energy into optimization right now that we would have to re optimize on every large update. Something that would greatly increase the development time. That's why optimization is always done closer to the end of the development cycle in a game.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @NoBlackThunder Please don't get discouraged by the way some people talk and behave. On behave of the ECO WASTE Server, We think the Developer Team is doing an amazing job on the game and it's progress. Can't wait to see what you have planed next. Keep up the great work!

  • I dont get discouraged but i feel that i need to explain exactly what is going on. =) i know that Eco has since the first alpha been growing more and more and more .. and getting more active. The amount of work that i need to do here just proves this. As an example for a year ago i could go and dont check the forums for 2 days and only 3-6 people would post something .. today i cant even sleep 12 hours before i have 30-50+ forum notifications ;)

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