Alpha 5.5 Stable version Bugs

  • New bug (i guess)... in 5.5.1
    When passing the 0 mark on the map with a powered cart the server crashes with this error:
    Crash 03304625.ecodmp

    It happens every time i try it, unless i chop up the PoweredCart.cs and remove anything that has to do with fuel and air pollution from it.

    P.S: Get a exorcism skill tree in the game, so we can make these carts behave. Send help!

  • Animals don't reproduce, on our server the elk got down to 51 and we passed a law, in 3 days the elk population dropped by 2 to 49 elk and have not went up at all. Please fix the sterile animals.

    Also there is not an option under proposing laws to protect Bison.

  • Banned

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  • Banned

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  • Having issues with joining the server "Shaggys Friends" . It will load world to about 16% and then just goes back to the server list. Multiple attempts (over 10)even tried completely backing out and reopening game, doesnt work. Also wondering how to go about making my own server?

  • Howdy ! possible there is some cache error you can try to go to C:\Users"UserName"\AppData\LocalLow\Strange Loop Games
    and delete the eco folder

    Please be aware that you need to change out the UserName with your account username .. best is to open explorer and type %appdata% and then go one folder up and then you can go to locallow .. Also make sure you write down the login address because this will wipe your userdata and you have to relog. if that is not helping the server might need a restart

  • Well I am not sure of the issue but we still can not enter the Shaggys world server. Our friend that we also got the game for is able to but my bf and I can not. We tried to delete the cache folder but it did not help. World only loads to 16% then takes you back to the server list. We have been trying to build our own server but are having some issues. Do you possibly have a walk through guide for server creation? Could be a good thing to implement to help people who arent as experienced like myself. Really sucks because we were really enjoying the game but now we cant play in fear of having the same issue... Please advise!

  • @HanksWife from what I'm reading of your posts you might need to get in contact with the admin of the server and ask them to restart the server that usually fixes the world loading issue.
    As for a guide to setting up your own server I know there is a guide I just can't find it atm

  • There is a server guide her

  • i have been stuck at this screen for over 45 mins now can someone help me please

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