Alpha 5.5 Stable version Bugs

  • Howdy People! Can we try to post all new bugs here ? =) just to combine everything in to a single post and make it easier to find for future reference. This here will also count as a known bugs list for the latest release. Thank you all!

    some bugs i gathered so far ( i copy / pasted them from other post) :
    1.Tooltip hanging on screen is still here. (this is a pretty known bug)

    2.Sometimes not able to see other people. Was standing in front of a friend and he couldn't see me (world border related?)

    3.Animal carcasses de-spawning before you can pick them up. Two rabbits I killed de-spawned before I could grab the carcass.

    4.Sliding. I keep noticing that often when I let up off the movement key that my avatar will slide a bit in a random direction. Edit: I've figured out what's causing it. If you stand alongside a surface as a wall or elevated ground and face it at sort of an angle then tap forward it will slide you along a bit.

    5.Sometimes when I try to open a container it will open and then immediately close. Happens a few times before I can finally open it.

    ref for above bugs :

    I have seen also some one complaining that stairs are not working. Can some one confirm this ?

  • I took away some earth with the shovel under a wooden log from my house and the log disapeared that happened often

  • Sometimes on login to server, you have to login 3-7 times before it lets you in finally. It crashes during the loading of things after you can walk around in the world.

  • I'm running it on my mid-2014 MacBook.

    Whenever I try to go underwater, the picture freezes. By that, I mean I am able to move around, I can see my inventory and can tell my avatar is moving based on the coordinates but the visuals don't update. I see the horizon until I jump back out. It was working fine in version 5.4 and I often mined underwater. Now I am not able to do that.

  • @NoBlackThunder

    #2 is likely world border related, yes

    Stairs not working is only with clambering turned off I believe.

    As for new bugs:

    #1 Logs on the ground disappear when walking over a world border. Doesn't seem to happen instantly, but if I bring 10 logs back across the border to my base and I come back, the log is gone, this has happened several times now. I believe this was an issue in 5.4 as well.

    #2 If you jump into/hug a wall, maybe specifically not full blocks such as glass, doors, brick walls, you can some times end up "superjumping" up them, regardless of height, and landing on top. Was definitely in 5.4 as well. To recreate, place a door and run into the outer edge of it so there's nothing above you. Should send you flying a few blocks up.

    #3 I've some times managed to replace certain blocks, specifically stone and dirt walls/floor in my houses with whatever block I have in my hand when placing them by mistake/in the wrong place. The block it replaces seems to disappear, though unable to recreate to test.

    #4 When you've felled a tree, cutting up the logs seems to make them move a lot more than usual, leading to more grass being turned to dirt, not sure if this is intended.

    #5 The Calorie Efficiency skill shows "Current Level 0 (Next Level 0)" for the upgrade. The actual upgrade is a decimal value, so I'm assuming that's just rounding it somehow? Should be a simple fix.

    Will add more as I find them.

  • Is there a change log for 5.5 - doesn't seem to work using mono on linux anymore and thought that might give some reasons why

  • @Karellen I haven't seen a proper changelog yet, but if you read through the Discord there was someone with the same issue earlier. Not sure what became of that but might be worth a shot.

  • Stairs "not working". When i try to go up some (usually between two walls) I can't get up unless I jump and have clamber on. If I just try to walk up them, with clambering off, I get the sound of footfalls but don't go up almost like I am sticking to the wall. I get up them by the jumping/clambering. Once up i can come down normally.

  • Asphalt Ramps are 2 Blocks wide in the http::3001 Map but ingame they are 4 blocks wide... so on the website the streets are broken but ingame they look fine

  • Yes stairs do not work in version 5.5. I think the stepheight have gotten to low or something. I have to jump to climb stairs, which is very counter productive.

  • Regarding the Stairs topic. I have noticed that in 5.5 you can no longger make a running 2 block high jump. You no longer do this in 5.5 because the client slides down instead of making that last little push up. Could it be that the client character is now shorter then they once were.

  • All the issues with slopes and stairs can be fixed by going into your options (doubletap esc when ingame, or once on the menu I think) and enabling "clambering". The feature is currently buggy, but might become default in the future. You can also walk straight up one block slopes without jumping with this enabled.

  • When killing a fox and trying to harvest the carcass you get the message "The carcass has already been harvested."

  • @MGrand3 Yea but shouldn't stairs be working regardless if clambering is enabled or not. Some people might not want clambering enabled and prefer jumping.

  • @thathg Indeed, they are already aware of that. Figured I'd just point out the fix for now.

  • @MGrand3 Ok, thanks anyway

  • When I load into the server sometimes I end up stuck in the ground as if I am standing on the block one lower than I should be on. Unstuck resolves it so it is not really a major bug.

  • @Garandster I think I've had this happen when standing on roads, might be something to do with those, or maybe just standing in a gap between two blocks or something. Worth writing down though.

  • Bug: Attempting to select a different tool when carrying something gives a notification which has an unnecessary s at the end of the items.

  • #1 Rare crash when trying to combine item stacks of the same type or splitting stacks (shift-click and drag from the new window).

    Has happened both between hotbar and backpack, internally in backpack, and in other inventories such as chests.

    #2 Also, the crashlog you get (refer to above picture) can't be scrolled and is often partially outside its frame. Perhaps writing these to file would be useful as well.

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