Bugs I've noticed in 5.5

  • Just going to periodically update this with bugs I find while playing 5.5 official. Hopefully the devs will find this helpful. If not just tell me to shut up xD haha.

    1. Tooltip hanging on screen is still here.

    2. Sometimes not able to see other people. Was standing in front of a friend and he couldn't see me

    3. Animal carcasses de-spawning before you can pick them up. Two rabbits I killed de-spawned before I could grab the carcass.

    4. Sliding. I keep noticing that often when I let up off the movement key that my avatar will slide a bit in a random direction. Edit: I've figured out what's causing it. If you stand alongside a surface as a wall or elevated ground and face it at sort of an angle then tap forward it will slide you along a bit.

    5. Sometimes when I try to open a container it will open and then immediately close. Happens a few times before I can finally open it.

  • I have been having the sliding issue too. Its most noticeable for me when I walk up to a crafting table, I will slide to the side.

  • #3 -- I've seen this as well with all the animals.

    #4 -- Yep. It was weird at first, I thought my house or keyboard were messed up.

    #5 -- I had this issue with Campires in 5.4. Seems it's still a bug. :\

  • #2 could be because of the world border?

    Are the two of you standing on opposite sides of the border between a 0 coordinate and whatever the max coordinate in your world is when it happens? When you cross the border and your coordinates loop around to 0 (or the other way around) you technically get teleported, so you don't always see everything on the other side.

    I had #3 happen to me in 5.4 as well.

    #5 was also in 5.4, not 100% on what causes that. I've had it happen a lot with campfires specifically.

  • The sliding is getting interesting ... I am checking for ice. It happens at just about any table I walk up to now... I step up to say, the carpentry table, and just slide to the left. Then walk across the room to the oven and slide to the left. Happens in my house and when I visit other people. Its most obvious around tables and workbenches and machines and other objects like that. It happens other places too - just not as noticeable. Like I can walk up to a tree I just felled so that I can position myself to chop off a log and then I slide over. The slide is, in my case, usually to the left.

    It was happening intermittently last night when we were playing but has happened more and more throughout the time we have been playing on the server. Now its pretty consistent... why i am looking for ice sheets :)

  • @rentechd Might be lag when opening the crafting table so it doesn't register you letting go of the button or something? Or just some sort of input lag perhaps.

  • @rentechd I just chopped down a tree and while it was falling I got slid up the tree and into the air xD

  • animals have been breading or spawning more.

    with 5.5.1

    1. we have a no kill law there 35 elk and 3 real days not a single incress in numbers with no kill law same with wolfs.

    2. we had two carts that vanished into thing air there at cords 955, 955 ? no idea where that is

    3. majority of animals in 5.5.1 seem to stand and hang out at highest points on the map, they also seem to spawn at those points they do not move form them unless chased and they move back to those locations when they are left alone, they do not wander the map much. - these tends to become more and more as time progresses on. it start effect more and more of animals.

    4. contracts in stores, the accept button does not appear on the page unless you make the store page larger its by default off out of bounds on the store window screen it seems.

    5. map filters for what is shown on mini map do not stick stay selected when you close and reopen the mini map

    6. crafting tables allow you to remove anything from game world you want even waste tailings, you just put them into private storage and then hit it with hammer and the things disappear from the world.

    7. not really bug but the number notifications you get form every one else is really just annoying, it as if the game is set in a 1930 orson welles book - there seems to be no privacy at all, every one knows what every one else is and doing constantly and amount of bandwidth that is require to display all this information on mini map and board cast it starts slow things and lag things up quit alot. - I did not know that eco government had access to black ops satellites in space. but really the mini map is pretty useless due to amount of bandwidth it sucks up. its okay for quick glances but there is a huge difference between having it on and off. like really big time noticeable.

    makes it hard for people who have wireless connections with low bandwidth to play cuz they get there bandwidth flooded.

    1. moving stacks around to fast when under bandwidth stress or lag can cause stack error crash to main menu happens more often to people who get a lot of notifications all at once and or have the mini map open while there moving stuff around.

    "the below items are not really a bugs but game play balance issues"

    1. if you make a room out of dirt you do not have to meet retirements of crafting tables just dig out whole in ground and pile rocks in or what ever is needed the room just needs this stuff in it does need be made of it competently

    2. water falls and rivers, well if you build a house over water fall put a whole in center of floor you can for most part just teleport with space bar up and from bottom of the waterfall to top into your house very quickly no need for roads or walking down side or back up

    3. not sure if this is suppose to be like this or not we had a huge debate in game about farming and crop rotation and some people thought that it was in game and others do not, but bottom line is this, the dirt land you farm regenerates pretty fast nitrogen and other ground plant foods they come back in matter of 3 or so real hours so we learned best thing to do is to grow plants over and over and then just stop leave it barren for while do it again, its more cost effective then any other measure handling this.

    4. from play bunch of us feel that vomit ability seems bit cheatty, and is some what breacking game Immersion people no longer have to worry abundant managing anything with food they just eat and then vomit eat one thing vomit eat one thing vomit, its turned into running gag on server and people are now being called name like Bulimia user along with other eating disorder name calling. I ended up having add words to profanity list due to it, people are just using the vomit to make feature point less to have. people are just using vomit every time before they eat just so they constantly get max amount of skills per hour - might as well just take stomach contents out of the game completely as vomit command just removes it anyways.

    5. people using claim markers to just put spots all over for no real reason or just to just annoy other players. we have had people who come in and then just place one marker here one marker there and only reason is to just make other people annoyed they never used or would go back to this claims sometimes just abandoning the spots for ever. to fix this i would throw out idea of doing what USA did home stead claim and then require people to work that land and to develop or lose it and maybe require property to be adjoining land if land is not connected to land that is already in a deed it makes a new deed and each deed has to be worked ever so often or its lost. ? something need to be done as to stop this cuz its turned into issue where I have been required to revert server back every now and then by our main group of users. which ends up hurting every one.

    6. unstuck command is being used to break into peoples homes. people build mutile level homes and sometimes allow access to first level but not second or there be a cave or something under a home and anther player user the /unstuck command to go up into next level or into the home even if the home has doors and stuff locked and then people will get there items stolen sometimes.

    it be nice if there was admin control over what commands are allowed in game and for how long.

  • not sure what you mean by "there was admin control over what commands are allowed in game and for how long". You think some commands players should not have? Which ones and why?

  • @rentechd From what I could see in the post, /unstuck and /vomit.

    Would like to see more customization with the commands, as of right now they're pretty hard to even find.

  • i found a few /eat /vomit /noah

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