Forged/Advanced Tools

  • Currently, getting tool forging and making tools has no purpose. Unless a player lost one of their tools, all of the tools are naturally obtained via survival research. Instead, the anvil should make "reinforced tools," which would have buffs, such as being able to carry more of a resource (ex. 20 logs, or you could stack 20 stone on a reinforced shovel), and/or having a reduced base calorie usage (base of 15 instead of 20).

  • Since the axe now is only 10 calories at base usage, an ability to carry multiple stacks would be a great buff for a reinforced axe.

  • I like the idea as well, I mean we can build a laser but not a chainsaw.

    Maybe add chainsaw which increases the yield from logs or costs less calories. or a drill that increases yield from stone and ore. A seeder that lets you plant seeds in 2x2 then 4x4 as you spend points in efficiencies on it. A harvester that does the same but obviously harvesting not seeding. Just some ideas...

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