Stock on Loading screen "Connecting..."

  • Hello,

    Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes.

    I was kicked out of the game, saw a brief warning text along the lines of "Inactive". When I try to log in again I can't get past the "Connecting.." part of the startup.

    It says 2 people are online, but I am guessing one of them may be my avatar?

    Anyone know how to resolve?

    Wanting to get back in,

  • I had something like that happen to me before, turns out the server crashed. Kept showing people online but everyone was on Discord complaining about it.

  • Ok,

    Thanks, suspected it might be something like that. Hard to tell when it goes up again.. Altho.. The number of people online would probably change.

    Thanks, I wanna get back to building my Trans Oceanic Highway, its gunna be Epic!

  • Those are all always fun to build!(Lots faster with a road tool tho) I had to do one, last server, and had to make a large tunnel as well to connect the three villages together. :)

    I hope your server has Discord, or a way to reach out to Admin.

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