Color outlines for plants like fiddleheads to know when best to pick

  • It would be nice, when highlighting a plant, if the plant outline was different colors to distinguish when it is best to pick. Red outline will collect nothing, yellow outline will collect seed, and green outline will collect the plant/fruit/vegetable/etc.

  • I actually agree with this to a point. Like in RL plants obviously look very much different when they are mature. It would be interesting to see this as a skill

    But in the time being, the farmers tool will let you know

  • The problem with that is the soil sampler in 5.4 will only tell ripeness if you target the ground under the plant you want to test. Currently, you have to dig a hole next to the plant and target the ground from the side to use the soil sampler are larger plants like fiddleheads and berry bushes.

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