Where are these skills?

  • All kinds of basic stuff that you should know how to build from the start are gated with skills that I can't even find in the skill tree. Woodworking 1, wood contruction 1, civil engineering.... Where are these skills? Because I'm not seeing them. These game needs some sort of in depth tutorial system or something.

  • Woodworking and Wood Construction are skill you get when you learn the carpentry skill.
    Civil Engineering; if you are playing 5.4, I believe are under the research tab? On 5.5 the civics skill is unlocked under storage level 2 I think.

    Generally, you will need to learn the basics in Carpentry to advance to Masonry, to Smithing, to Engineering.
    To open each tab, and then select specialty skills within that tab, you will need to use the Research table to create a book, to create a scroll, to learn the skill.

    There is a good getting started section in the WIKI that you might find beneficial. Also, there are a good group of people on ECO's Discord that can help with the quick question here and there.

    Hope this helps...

  • In left botom corner of your game screen click on skill points, and it gives you the skill tree to start your exploration.

  • @Zaskersky Already knew that. But I've figured it all out now thanks.

  • @EyeZ0n Thank you

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