can i get a refund?

  • I thought id like the game but i don't really care for it.
    I just had bought the game today, i didn't find it fun in my perspective.
    I was looking for an email or something to send this to because i didn't want to possibly make others think its not a that good of a game. its neat but its not for me.

  • wait...
    i don't understand.
    are you ask for refund or you just wanna give the game to someone else?
    because if you want a refund, you should ask dev team.
    well, if you wanna give, i'm gladly accept it XD

  • Thats disappointing to hear. Its a hardcore game that requires teamwork and definitely not a solo game. Also, the game is in alpha and a lot of features are yet to be added or fixed

  • I would like a refund. I was charged for 40 and 35 bucks but I shouldn't have. I signed up in case my friends bought a key for me but other then that I was charged twice. I would like if possible for it to be returned. I have already disputed with my bank but was told to speak to the website it's self for refund because it's faster that way.

  • you have to send us a mail to and we can take a look .. forums are the wrong place to ask for account help / refund question etc

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