Staging 6da56326 - Caught Exception Get Tooltip ... SkillScroll

  • When trying to research a skill scroll, I am receiving an error and getting kicked back to the server selection screen. This has happened both with the Carpentry and Agriculture skill scrolls. I do get other tool tips (i.e. food items, skills tree (under survival anyway :) ), and on the workbench and research tables.)
    The error seems to be client side or maybe a conflict within the user file? I have re-downloaded the client and retried with the same results.
    If you have any questions or suggestions; I also follow the Discord channel or I can send you my phone number if you would like to have a more 1on1 conversation.
    Thank you.
    There are some parts of the message I can't make out, possibly a programing character. I have included a screenshot below. The error shows:

    Caught exception: Caught exception invoking RPC ViewRPC on Client!
    Caught exception invoking RPC GetTooltip on AgricultureSkillScroll

    Exception has been thrown by the target of the invocation
    Sequience contains no elements

    at System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor)
    at System.Reflection,RuntimeMethodInfo.UnsafeInvokeInternal(Object obj, Object parameters, Object arguments)
    at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags InvokeAttr, Binder binder, Object parameters, CultureInfo culture)
    at Eco.Shared.Utils.ReflectionUtils, TryGetValueAsMethod(MemberInfo member, Object o, Object methodParams)
    at Eco.Shared.Utils,Reflection Utils, Value(MemberInfo member, Object o, Object parameters)
    at Eco.Gameplay.Systems,Tooltip,TooltipExtensions, TooltipMember,GetContent(Object methodParams)
    at Eco.Gameplay.Systems,Tooltip,TooltipExtensions,(?)c___Displaylass9_ol.(?)GetTooltipString(?)b___(?)(TooltipMember member)
    at System.Linq.Enumberable.WhereSelectEnumerableNarator"(?).MoveNext()
    at System.Linq.Enumberable.WhereSelectEnumerableNarator"(?).MoveNext()
    at System.Linq.Enumberable.WhereSelectEnumerableNarator"(?).MoveNext()
    at System.Linq.Buffer"I...ctol"(enumerable`l source)
    at System.Linq.Enumberable.ToArray['l\Source'](Enumerable'l source)
    at Eco.Shared.Utils,StringExtenstentions.Testl.lst(Enumerable'I e,String dmp)
    at Eco.Gameplay.Systems.Tooltip.TooltipExtensions.GetTooltipBSON(Object obj,Player player,Enumerable'l excludes, Enumberable'l Includes)

    (I can't make out this line, the message frame bisects this line)
    at EcoShared.Networking.RPCManager.InvokeOn(BSONObject: bson, Object controller, String methodname)
    at Eco.Plugin.Networking.Client.ViewRPC(Guid guid, String methodname, BSONObject bson)

    Eco Caught Exception Get Tooltip ... SkillScroll.png

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