Stuck in loading screen

  • Since the world got reset i have been playing on it, but all of a sudden i got a sort of "Blackscreen", with a laggy feeling, i had the HUD and everything, so i tried to disconnect and reconnect, it does it's usual thing, says it loads all the mods, all the items, but when it comes to "Loading objectives 100%" it just gets stuck, ihave let it stay for over an hour as that and i am a bit frustrated.

    All i remember before this happened, i was helping a guy move he's house, and he had a dozen of frozen rabbits that i picked off because, hey, free meat, i then looked down to shoot three rabbits stuck in on each other, and everything went black (All but the HUD).

    Thank you for any feedback!

  • Howdy Dan!

    This is a known 5.4 issue. Sadly you have to contact the server admin to get him to use a workaround to fix your player position that is causing the issue

  • Thank you for the fast reply!

    If that is the only way, is there a way for me to know who's the admin? and to contact him?

    I've just moved forward to another server, but for the future, i would like to know.


  • Best thing is to ask if they have a discord or any other form of group outsite of the game. Though that issue should not be an issue hopefully in the future with 5.5 now being released

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