Crop Rotation vs fertilizers

  • It seems bit wierd at times that we can just keep planting same plants over and over and over agin along with over plowing, in real life this lead to help the dust bowl one of reasons farms like my grand pa on our farm here have always used crop rotation for example here we grow one year of corn, then one year of wheat and then two years of alfalfa mixed with clover, the alfalfa helps put the nutrient just like fertilize does back into the soil for the following crop rotation, it also helped with the over tilling because you would section off your fields so not whole field got planted with same crop so wheat and corn might grow at same time as alfalfa but each year so often fields would get rotated, with the invention of Nitrogen or wet fertilizer people stopped doing so they could planet cash crops every year like corn and the practice has died out some people have never even heard of it, but on my farm that i inherited we still do it.

    you would think that in this game where people are tilling huge parts of land to grow crops and with same crop all time being planted that it would cause problems just like real life. ?

    there should be a mechanic in this game for the to represent the the aeolian processes along with the destruction of soil contents being sucked out of the soil.

    info on subject below.


  • i think this is something @SLG-Admin should look at. putting in some seed only yield plants that add some nutrient back into the soil.
    in the game context i would set it so to keep the balance every other planting should be this bulk seed.
    so wheat- bulk - wheat. as at the moment you can get 3-4 rotations before failure, then wait a short time and your good to go again.

    i would have 2+ bulks, so one will add only 2 nutrients. so you had to plan your farm fields carefully.

  • The agriculture skill is not finished yet. They have plans to add more to it, including stuff like soil acidity. Crop rotation is kinda a thing already, but only due to the nutritional values in the ground which help the growth speed etc.

    There will definitely be more realism in farming once the game evolves.

  • well how it works right now is it just regenerates over time. so you just leave field plowed and in half hour or so everything is back to normal.

    we did experiment with tiling also land seems regenerate really fast.

    best way to farm right now is to do field rotation not corp so u leave field barren and use a diff field and just rotate between them.

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