EcoCraft v4.5 99% Uptime 6.25KM2 Map

  • Hello,

    EcoCraft has recently wiped their server with a new map and this is your chance to join in the fun.
    This new map is MASSIVE!
    A standard map is only 1km2.
    Our map is 6 times larger with an impressive 6.25km2.

    Our server is very reliable that is hosted 24/7 in Sydney, Australia and if there is any issues you can contact an admin directly from our discord and your issue will be solved as soon as possible. The server is regularly backed up too!

    Trolls and Griefers will not be tolerated and will be banned permanently.
    We are a community and we expect every player to respect one another.
    There is no white list
    If you are interested in joining our server, have a quick look at our server graph

    And join on our discord too!

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