Building and ease

  • Dear eco devs,
    As a supporter and lover of your game I have come across a conundrum of decent proportions.While building in eco I found it very hard to get the roof of my building to a spot that I liked it. I tried many blocks and I found it very hard to place them in a certain direction. It took me hours to find out what I needed to do to get the blocks to fit nicely. I felt frustrated when blocks faced in the complete opposite direction I wanted them to. Luckily I have thought of an easy way you guys could make it easier on the builders in this game. In eco you are allowed to turn the crafting tables in the direction you want them to face by pressing E (by default I believe) yet stairs and roofs face the direction that a block is connecting to them.

    So why not have the stairs and roofs work like the crafting stations?


  • Not a bad idea, I'd like to do this, but it will take some work as blocks are a different system than world objects. We will give it a shot though, thanks for the feedback

  • I have exactly same idea and problems. It looks like you have to have same roof block to make it face in right direction. Rotating would be the best option and it wouldnt collide with connected textures.

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