ECO Living World

  • New Players are very "Welcome" on ECO Living World

    ECO Living World ~ UPDATED to 5.5.3-ALHPA ~ The game world will be modded slightly for quality of life changes. The Meteor is turned off.

    **~~ Mods on
    ~/sethome - to set a recall point
    ~/home - to teleport back to your set recall point
    ~/tp XXXXX - To teleport to a player, replace X with the player name, Case SensitIve
    ~ Clays ToolKit V1
    Better Shovel, holding up to 10 items in shovel instead of just the 1
    Better Chests, chests can now be filled to the brim
    Better Carts, with the all new tyres, we can hold more weight!
    Fuel Woodpulp, burn Woodpulp in campfires

    I can be found on the Eco official Discord server. Just look for Auzze. If and when people are bugged and cannot log in due to the 100% object bug that seldom happens, you can reach me there and I can fix you.

    Uptime from servers ~ 24/7
    Find us at IP+Port =

    No whitelist. Griefers will not be tolerated. Respect everyones property and have fun! "Please don't ask for anything."

  • This post is deleted!

  • Server IP charge.

  • Updated to 5.5.3, mods to be added soon

  • Updated to 5.5.4 no mods yet.


  • Server has been wiped. No mods will be use at this time.

    Come join in

  • ECO Living World will be closing 15th of May due to on going family/health matters.
    I would like to thank all who join and played on the server.