Why is this game even public yet?

  • I have tried to play this game multiple times using the public server listing and every time it is a nightmare. You cannot connect to games, there are private games listed under public, the game constantly crashes and disconnects or won't refresh the server list. I understand this is in alpha development but if you want people to play your game for you and test it out, then make that a feature that works FIRST. Hosting a local server or a private one for you and friends should NOT be this complicated. The connection system actually seems to have gotten worse since Alpha 5 was released. At least during alpha 4 I could connect or be rejected by a server without the game crashing. Get the skin-and-bones basics prepared first, or close the game to the public until they're ready.

  • i have none of the issues/crashes/disconnects that you are facing..

  • well a friend and I were searching for servers to play and on multiple we had the exact same results, either constant connect, a "cannot connect - do not have whitelisting permissions" (on the public server option) so then the game would just not load the servers again, or would just crash and we would have to quit and reopen it. The refresh option, if used, causes the game to crash or not load any servers and you are stuck on a blank screen and have to close and reopen the game. Its a messy jumble that just shouldn't be out yet at all.

  • I really do wish people would put in the title of their servers that it is white list.

    The only times I had any problems with client is when it was a stage. I remember the first time I got it saw all of the servers was not compatible and was very confused.

  • well, from my perspective, you play using cracked account and game.
    that's why you cant connect to the servers
    because i already tried the methods people suggested.

  • My question is how some people throw a complete fit that the game is shit or not ready when there is thousands of players not having these issue. Think the problem is the operator

  • @Astranoth i'm thinking like that too.
    its really weird.
    i watched some youtubers doing Eco Let's Play and they don't have much problem.

  • I've ran into a few of his issues, but nothing to rant about.

    Yes to click on a server to see that its white listed sucks, the game basically crashes as it wont allow you to pick another server, but it takes all of a minute to end task the game and re-login. Another thing to look at is if the server has been online for 2 days and only 4 people are playing its ether a white list server or private, just move along.

    The server refresh button works just fine for me, although any server that is offline takes a little longer to populate the server list which would be expected.

    Yeah it would be nice to have drop down menu to select what servers were shown on the list, between regional and white list or private servers.

    All in all for being an alpha game its not doing that bad, yes some features are not working and other things have bugs but thats why you are ALPHA testing it. to report things that are wrong and should be fixed. The game isnt meant to be played its meant to be stressed and find faults within the game.

  • There is a rationale reason that there are Public Servers that are whitelisted. Many people have groups of people that play that apply through forums or discord groups and they want them to be able to find the server by name so they make it public while also only whitelisting those that have applied, and been approved. This is not something bad or wrong with the game, this is how many servers work in many server browser lists. Public servers can be whitelisted - public does not mean it has to be open to everyone.

    It sounds like you may need to verify or refresh your game files because over the multiple 100's of times I have been in and out of servers without a problem with the refresh screen. Although simple hitting escape and disconnecting and reloading the game is so fast it is something to take in stride. I have never had the refresh option crash the game browser unless I mashed it like 50 times very, very fast - but almost anything would crash if you do that to it.

    I am sure, as the alpha progresses, just like other games that have server browser lists, the browser list will evolve but this is an alpha and it won't be perfect. Its hardly a "messy jumble" and its very usable and you can find the server you are looking for. Many alpha games don't even have an in-game server browser to start with so I guess they should not have been out either?

    As for your statement "Hosting a local server or a private one for you and friends should NOT be this complicated" does not make too much sense. Its not difficult at all to run a local server and its even easier to make it private if you want. Its not complicated at all and many people do it. If its too complicated for you, you can go to a hosting service and they can set one up for you. But simply because a person chooses to not open a server up - whether its local or dedicated or whatever - to the whole world does not mean it can't be in the browser list. I think you are confused about that. You are always going to find servers ina browser list that won't let you in. Its how things work.

    This game is out as an alpha and they are very clear that its an alpha and that everything won't be perfect. The idea of making an alpha available to people is so that we can help grow the game and find the problems. If your not ready for that, or want a finished product then you should not be buying into a game while its in its alpha phase. This is on you as to whether you can deal with an alpha game not on the developer to close the game to its players because you can't.

    I see this all the time with games on Steam that are sold with big banners on them telling people its an early access game, in alpha, and there will be bugs and lost game data, and crashes etc , etc. They buy the game cause they "have to be the first" and they whine over and over about the little stuff not being perfect and demanding that game act like a finished production. If things like this bother you, then your not the type of gamer that can handle games in the alpha and beta phase and you should not be buying a game until it is in its final release. Next time you see a game, check to see if its a final release and if its not then wait to buy it. There is a good reason for opening games in alpha and beta phases to the public to invest in and play - for those of use that want to be part of a game's evolution and can enjoy a game even if we have to deal with issues - heck many people like finding issues to report - but you will notice that their reports are constructive and that's a big difference. You can give constructive criticism about what you find with the browser and offer suggestions on what you think would be better without demanding they stop selling the game and close it down.

  • I made an issue post for the server browser thing here https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues/1201 . Though i never had the issue with servers that i can not join because of whitelist so i have not seen this issue yet.

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