Playing on a private made server?

  • Hey so i just made a private server for me and some friends to play on but i am curious if i am not running the server stuff due to me working or not being home will my server still be accessible by my friends or do i need to be on it amd have it running for them?

  • Hey VoseVaer, you'll need to have EcoServer.exe running in order for anybody to be able to login to your server. If you're hosting a server it's best if you do it on a machine that's online and powered on as often as possible(with EcoServer.exe running) so that players can play on your server whenever they like.

  • thank you. also everytime i log on my server says its only a lan server and i went thru my router and changed everything to be able to make it open but i only have it to where my friends can play on it.

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