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  • Afternoon,
    trying to find if there is a button to delete trade offers from my shop as someofteh offers are now out dated or valued for to low for the current world status.

    also if i make teh shop open to the public to sell things do they get access to my storage area or do they get there won empty area to keep their items seperate.

    would like the ability to place trades with limit uses also ie i wantto buy skill books but only 1 of each type not unlimited of each type

  • well it seems shops stores are not private at all, some one just stole everything i had on the market.

    store set to myself only
    door set to public so as people could enter.
    if it helps

  • ? are you using store's to store items ? dont think you cant prevent players from buying items from the store ..

  • i have lvl 17 in trading so i can have alot of trades active in my store.

    i was using teh storage section to store all the items i had for sale in bulk
    100+ huckleberries
    100 logs
    150 structural wood
    mixed tools
    100s of iron/copper etc
    mixed seeds

    i have seem many sales completed with the payments adding to the store an the items being removed as it should be. all seemed well and i was gonan try a second store to test if i could have more active trades over 2 stores or if the limit was a hard cap.

    anyways i built my house and went to take some wood out of the store to build a door and found the whole storage was empty. i relogged 3 times incase it had lagged out then added in some other items to see what would happen.

    seems server forgot i had items stored there or someone stole it all but everything is gone

  • ok .. moving this post to bug report and adding it to the bug tracker then =)

  • seems somthing happened again, here is a pic
    [link text] url)

    looking at it you can see the offers are still lit as if there is items in storage but they are not visable to the player as stored. If i was to add more items to storeage it wipes the current storage and offers become unavailable.

    [link text] url)


    logged out in my house after checking shop and personal storage, logged in 6 hours later (slept) heckedpersonal storage then went straight to shop no other actions taken

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