Curious before buying...

  • I love the look of this game, but just curious of a couple of things.
    What kind of threats, other than ecological ones, do you face as you try to survive?
    Do you have to specialize your skills or will you accumulate enough to just do everything?
    I think that's it for now..


  • Oh, one more thing. All the maps I have seen look very small. How many people can survive and populate these lands?

  • @Balmarog As far as I know about the maps: you can change the size of the worlds. So if you know how many people will play on your world, you can easily adjust it to have enough space. I'm not sure how it affects the eco system though.

  • Well i shall try to answer your question keep in mind the game is in alpha 0.5.4 so many things hope fully still change.

    In 0.5.4. there are no threats, unless you go to the extreme and create threats yourself, the basic map size is 100*100, and we have been playing on it with +- 5-15 people, and not even making a tiny dent in the plant population as it grows back so fast, same goes for tree's only thing that is easy to kill is animals if you go kill more then you need on purpose.

    If you play with default game settings, you have to specialize and team work. its also possible to do it solo but just takes a lot lot longer.
    At current game version we go from nothing to all content unlocked with +- 4-6 people in about 13-20 days if you play well as a team.
    You can also create a custom server with increased xp multiplier so you can solo the content at a faster rate.

    The game shows great potential, in the ways of becoming a survival game in the future. But in its current state its in development and it offers not much of a challenge or endgame, no threat of starvation, pollution, or problems with using to much resources.

    All the things are already partial in the game, but not all are 100% functional yet or are not fine tuned yet to a way the games becomes hard.
    So if you like to become part of its development and have the time to see how the game rolls out, this is a good moment but if you expect a game that's is challenging, then its not the right moment.

    Greetings Zaskersky

  • Don't even bother playing yet. The game isn't even playable for the most part and you can't connect to any servers. It is WAY too early for it to be open to the public right now.

  • Been playing the game for 2 rounds so far, its very playable but no endgame.
    I can connect to any server, i have the client installed for. if some body cant conect to any server at all, there is a problem with there conection, can be isp relate, firewall, virus scanner, and so on.

  • @Brie101 Sorry you are having issues but that is a very unfair blanket statement. AT best you should say that you can't connect. I have been playing for a couple of the alpha versions now and have had no issues and I have been playing with a large number of people that have been having great fun with this game. The game is very playable. This is an alpha game and there was no secret about that when you bought it so if your bashing it because it was not 'finished' enough for you, that is unfair - you bought it knowing it was in alpha. Your also misleading people by saying that they can't connect to servers. I can connect to all the servers that I am either invited to so that I have permissions to get on or public servers and are running the same version as my client. It certainly is not too early for the public to play or for it to be open to the public. The developers are very dedicated and are around pretty much daily to deal with issues and support people are available and overly helpful. When you get involved in a game in alpha you have to plan to be part of the solution and if you have an issue you bring it to those that can support you to resolve that issue. There is nothing constructive about posting the way you have. Some people just are not good candidates for playing early access or alpha games and you shuld be honest with yourself and just not get involved with a game in that phase if you can't approach it constructively. You probably would be better off waiting for games to be finished before you buy them as that seems to be closer to your expectations.

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