Server appears to be public but appears offline

  • Hello! I hosted a server at home and it was public and I had some nice friendly Eco-ers join.

    I had to return to school and although the server still says public they tell me it appears offline..

    Could this be caused by my school wifi blocking 3000-3001? (what i mean is if those ports were blocked, would i really not see any other sympton other than that it appears offline to my friends?)

    Also how can i fix a bug where when i restart the server all populations are 0? //// how do i restore from backup?

    JK restoring from backup doesnt make the life come back :(

  • As an IT professional, if I worked at your school I would block all ports except the ones absolutely necessary.

    When I was in school, and TAFE (Government run College?) for that matter, most ports were blocked, and we block all ports in my work place.

    In short, this is a standard practice, you should be port blocking at home too, with exception of those ports you actually want to use

  • Appreciate the input, have anything to offer in terms of fixing the sudden extinction?

  • Can't help you there.

    There is another option you can explore.

    To play on my home minecraft server from work, I used port mapping on my home router.

    The way this works is it takes an external connection on a particular port, and then redirects it internally to the port you specify.

    So in this case, you could redirect incoming port 443 on your home router/modem (Traditionally reserved for HTTPS, so your school will allow this traffic out) and have that map to incoming port 3000 (unsure which specifically is for Eco)

    Still have your standard 3000-3001 mapping, but this port redirection as well.

    Then at school:
    Add server:
    <your IP address>:443

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