• Anytime I build it will cancel. I have read the guide and watched a video even I'm doing it just as they say and nothing. After I place the construction point blue letters come up telling me it has failed. I have tried on both the home tab and workshop tab different sizes and placing the block in different places.

  • known bug =(

  • Several solutions:
    Restart server (does nto appaear to work)
    Relog (this sometimes works)
    Go do something else for a while (sometimes works)
    Build a different building (sometimes works)
    Remove all stuff in build zone (worth a try)
    Try an alternate server (works well)
    Go to sleep and try again tomorrow (works well)

    And yes, I was serious about those last two.

  • yea its a know issue (issue 371) will be possibly fixed with next build

  • Okay thank you :)

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