• I'm sure this has been brought up, but i can't use the search function on my tablet lol. But where will this game end up for combat? Will there be any or will it forever only be a peaceful mode? I totally understand why you would want it peaceful for schools, but not only would it be more accurate if there was combat, it would also be a lot more fun. There are already wolves, they should attack you, would bring another aspect of the ecosystem around, human survival lol

  • The game is not about combat right now. Its all about saving the planet =) though we will look at if we maybe in the future cant add maybe some form of combat or health .. but for now there is no official plan for that.

  • Sweet :) I mean there's nothing wrong with having a peaceful mode, and also a combat mode. I'm playing the game now, but it's hard to play longer than a couple hours lol. This coming from someone who has played minecraft since before it was cool and just about every other survival game out there, and trying each one resulted in late nights playing because I just couldn't stop. As it stands right now, this can't even really be classified as a survival because you can't die unless the entire world is also destroyed. It's fun, i'm loving the game so far, but it's definitely one of those things that you try and beat once then never look at it again, and that makes me sad because there is a lot of potential for this game. But there has to be something, if not combat then something else, that keeps you focused on the game and actually makes you worry that something you do can result in you losing something. Right now its a cool idea, but its just too easy. Basically kick and blacklist trolls and you're all set

  • Sorry about the rant but yeah, got it all out :) just wanted to add that in spite of me feeling that way, it is still a great game that i would recommend anyone to try. You guys are doing a great job so far, it's cool to see someone taking this idea and actually turning it into a game :)

  • Its fine =) actually the word survival is meant for the World ;) not for the player but i can see that this is not really a survival games sometimes. Well that's because all survival games are based around the player. In eco we change this a bit. I also can see what you mean with finishing it etc .We are still working on the game and hope we can resolve also this issue later, we are still in a very early alpha so allot can change. Also there is a plan to keep adding features and new stuff to eco even after the release. So you never know what might be added =)

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