MOD: Big Storage Chest

  • Greetings one and all!

    HERE is the Newest Update to my Mod!




  • Ok.. so.. I got a feedback saying to make it with 20 Lumber(to make Lumber more useful and such so...)


    Still goes in same spot as last post :)

  • Was told that this Mod works with Clay's Tool Kit with removing the weight limit in a chest :)

  • Does this work with 5.5 or 5.4?

  • Seems like it's for 5.4. Tried it on 5.5 and the server crashed. :/

  • Yes.. it only works for 5.4 I will fix it for 5.5 but so everyone knows, it will be useless come 5.6

  • That is the nature of modding for a early release - having it not work every time there is a new update :) You have to really love your mod to build one for an ea game... because you ahve to keep giving it more love with each update :)

  • Hope that mod will be continued in the future cause this is more than helpful :D

  • I am working on it for 5.5.1, it should be done(if I can get it the way I want it) Sunday :)

    I am very shocked that anyone even liked this Mod. Never got any feedback, and I was told it would be useless when 5.6 comes out.

  • Actually its a very useful MOD and I think a great many people are using it - I know its is in high demand by people that host servers through my company. Almost all of them want the Mod on their server.

    Were you told that it would be useless in 5.6 by the ECO Dev's because they plan something similar or are implementing multiple sized chests or something? The only reason I would see this becoming "useless" is if it, or something like it, were being incorporated into the game ;)

  • Thank you, I needed that. I was told byMetachronism. Moving away from chest, and that stockpiles are planned for 5.6 with a polish of the whole building/roomreqs system.

    OK... So I got Big Storage Chest to work in 5.1 and so I was like.. is it really the biggest? So I made a BIGGER Storage Chest as well! However, for some off reasons, The UI Tooltip for Storage is screwed up(Shows up as code) I removed Bigger and it works.. put Bigger back and it is broke. SO... For those that don't care about the way the tooltip looks like for Storage, I have BIGGER Storage Chest for you.. otherwise if you are a purest, then I got just Big Storage Chest.

    Big Storage Chest<Outdated> (Place this file in \mod\Items)

    Bigger Storage Chest:<Outdated> (Place Bigstoragechestitem.cs and Biggerstoragechestitem.cs in \mod\Item and Storagechestobject.cs in \mod\objects)


    Big Chest is 10 Lumber on the Carpentry Table Need level 2 Storage Slots: 32

    Bigger Chest is 10 Lumber, 5 Copper, 5 Iron on the Carpentry Table Need level 3 Storage Slots: 64

  • Hi MasterWho

    I have had this mod requested by a number of the customers we host servers for and would like to ask if you minded if we posted on our servers so they could just click a button and have it installed - some are a little unsure of uploading it in their own and/or how to use FTP. We would like to make it available to our server customers but wanted to make sure that would be okay with you first. We, of course, would see that you got full credit for the mod and link people here to your thread. (

  • you can always do what i did and edit the first one to hold just a little more

  • @rentechd That is fine with me.

    @Siethy Very true, but I wanted to give players an option to be able to make better ones. However thanks to 5.5+ it is a lot of work to build these chest(just for Big is 100 logs if you do not have lumber efficiency.)

    To All: Playing around with fixing the UI bug, it seems it is because of the rank 3 option. So, not my fault per say... Still if you buy 3 ranks it does go away!

  • Also:

    Would still love to hear Feedback. Shall I change the recipes, make it harder or simpler? Do you REALLY need a 64 slot chest?

    I am still working on my Brewery Mod as well gotta make sure we get some drinks in this game! So far I got Moonshine, Ale, Beer, Huckleberry Wine, and Ecol Aid. Still can't get the Brewery to work right like I want it, but playing with it more and more.

  • Brewery sounds like a lot of fun - will drinking help increase skill points? Will you control how mcuh one needs to drink through calories or is this just a RP fun addition where there will just be drinks for the sake of having a drink? :)

  • So far, it is just for calories, just like food. No matter what I do, I can not get the station to work properly(i.e crash the server) But, I could add them to another crafting tables if I had( do not really wanna but..)

  • yeah having a "brewery" object would be cool

  • Here is the Tooltip bug fixed file!


    This has to replace the old file in the /mod/Items

  • About brewery. Looks like I gotta wait until summer to be able to finish it. I will be upgrading them to get my hands on the source code. So putting that and mega shops on hold and gonna work on doing other things, like working more on my game.

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