Object render/pop-in issue, Missing my cart

  • Day 5 on a server and made my first cart, not to use but as a remote storage that I can 'later' move. It's by my base, locked, and couldn't go anywhere. Today I'm having my normal campfire and research table failing to 'pop-in' taking many disconnects and log ins to have them appear, but the cart just won't reappear. I looked for this reported, but didn't see any. Is there any action I can do other than relog in many times in hopes it'll reappear?

    Side note, even when I walk away and back my research table and campfire keep disappearing, any ideas on how to resolve that would also be appreciated.

  • There is a major Bug on 5.4 where that happens near the 0/1000 Line. I build a house near it and would lose tables going into another room. Learn my lesson on not building anywhere near there until 5.5! Also, learn not to drive cars/carts across that line too X(

  • Kudos to that I'm on 5.4, I'll move my house I guess.

  • what really sucks, is, that almost every seed I make on a server, it seems the best spots to live in is near that line

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