Linux Server

  • Moin,

    für einen (aus meiner Sicht (Subjektiv)) vernünftigen Server wäre es schön wenn es Zeitnah einen Linux Server geben würde.
    Das ganze natürlich Konsolen only ;)

    Grüße Hackbard

  • You can already by installing the mono framework and starting it under mono with the -nogui command . though that is not working always very well. The plan is to convert it in the future to .net core and run it native on the .net framework . This should resolve allot of issues.

  • Sound nice.
    I'm already using mono for the Server. I don't know how the windows server is going but the Linux Server is a little bit unstable but its ok its beta ;)
    Your Plan sound nice to get it on native libs!

    Greetings Hackbard

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