Staging 5.5 #ca9adc0e game breaking error

  • Was running around looking for camas bulbs. Nothing was built yet and then got an error on both server and client. error text matches on both and is shown in the screenshot of the server console bellow. When trying to reconnect the server the same error occurs again only client can't see the error and is kicked back into the server list screen. Only fix found so far is to wipe the world and start over.


  • @Flix79

    I just ran into that issue but it seemed to only effect me on my server, now whats weird for me is that it happened after someone started trying to block in my property with land markers for example he put down land markers around my marked zone sto block me and then all of a sudden I got kicked off server with error just like that and I could not log back on.

    I had to reload server from a backup and that fixed problem.

    it was weird because my friends could had no issue nore did any one else it only effect me as client and only error that was showen was on server side saying exactly that client exception disconnected.

  • I have same issue but at 2 different random places ....server wipe reset it

  • mine was from the 516 download

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