Stairs are broken - Staging 5.5

  • Stairs are broken - Staging 5.5

  • @LIMIT said:

    Stairs are broken - Staging 5.5

    stairs been messed up for a long time far longer then just 5.5

    biggest issue with stairs is placing them, being able to rotate them having them stick where u place them.

    currently only way to get stairs to work is put them in middle of a room or area with nothing touching sides on ether side or they will flip facing.

    or too put wall on both sides plus behind each set of steps.

    but you pretty much cant put stairs next to a wall and have them open they have to be enclosed, but ether way placing stairs seems been broken or not working as they should be for long time.

    I remember in 3.5 and in 4 asking about stairs issues, and was told that they never been implemented way there suppose to be in 5.5 there still not implemented 100% way they are meant to be, but hopefully they will be soon. !

  • I don't have that problem with placing stairs, my problem with the new Staging 5.5 is I can not go UP them. If I drop down on them, they make me slide down as well.

  • @MasterWho Thats exactly what Im talking about. They're broken entirely

  • Oh.. yeah I asked a few people about it. No one gave me the answers so....

  • Same here my friend can go up them just fine but I can't go up them at all

  • I have had issue going up some stairs and not others. I can't see any difference between the ones I have issues with and the ones I do not. I can get up them if I have "Clambering" on and 'jump' up and I can go down them without issue. Otherwise, some stairs will just not let me walk up normally although they make the sound like I am walking up them.

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