Information on current purchase issues and not receiving accounts / game key's

  • Howdy all of you lovely people!

    We currently have an issue with some payments via PayPal and you might not receive your game right away.

    Some how some of the data is getting list on PayPal's site sometimes and we need to fix accounts manually.

    Right now what we are doing is checking several times a day all PayPal transactions and add people manually and mailing them.

    So what do you need to do when you encounter the issue?

    First of all if you have the same mail on your Eco account that you have on your and your PayPal you need to do nothing. I will just fix it and mail you.

    If you don't use the same mail you need to mail me with your PayPal mail or your PayPal transaction id and your Eco username or Eco account mail.

    You might see me sending a mail first asking for your Eco details on your PayPal mail and then sending you a mail maybe on your game account mail. Don't worry about that then its just because i check all PayPal stuff first and then go trough all mails.

    In general you need to give me between 12-24 hours to resolve your issue but i am checking now PayPal several times a day ( when i am not sleeping .. and i need some sleep too =P

    For any questions you can still mail me under ! thanks and lets hope we get that issue fixed soon =)

  • Update

    The issue should now be resolved.

  • i bought the game now.. with creditcard and did not resive game...

  • @Treorian Please send an e-mail to and they will help you out.

  • Update
    We experiencing again issues with paypal. Please send us a mail if you experiencing the issue.

    Thank you for your understanding

  • @NoBlackThunder Yesterday I sent a support email for this issue. No response has yet been received or a confirmation that a help request was sent. I purchased an additional key to send to a friend. My paypal and Eco account emails are not identical. I tried to contact through support tab, as well as emailing directly to the address above. It's a weekend, does that eliminate waiting the 12-24hr period and extend it?

    Update: There ended up being an issue with the website itself, Going to purchase an additional 'invite' for a friend. And the popup window wasn't registering the product selected. Web administration has been contacted and is very helpful assisting me to attain the product. Thank you for the help. Leaving this post here to help anyone out that may encounter the same issue.

  • Hi Pink

    Now it can take 24-48 hours for you to get a response from support. The support department is very small and they work very hard and usually get to emails very quickly but "yesterday' from when you posted this was a Sunday and they do not work on the weekends. Please give them time. You can also go on discord and leave NoBlackThunder a DM but I suspect he will be in touch with you before you even see this post.

  • If I would have known ahead of time this was an issue I would not have bought this game...... Not starting our well for me..... Disappointed

  • wow 5 month old issue still continues and no reports from the Dev team. this ship is going down folks.

  • @stormoffires said:

    wow 5 month old issue still continues and no reports from the Dev team. this ship is going down folks.

    Yes and I have to tell you even if they make it right I have serious concerns if they can't even get payment options fixed correctly....

    And of course I wanted to play right away..... Sunday being my only day off that I could really enjoy the game and now it seems I will have to wait 24-48 hours for customer service to fix the issue....

  • Howdy ! Not sure what happent but you can always send us an email. There are some people that as an example chose to pay by e-check. and you wont get access to the game until the check has cleared, same is with bank accounts.. i had a quick look and i could not find any general issue with payments. if you still have an issue just mail our support site ;) and we fix any odd paypal hiccups manually

    There are sometimes some hiccups with paypal where my guide above can still help but it is mostly out of date and the issue is not present anymore at this time

  • Thank you this issue has been resolved however it did take some time to fix it self....


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