Any NEW co-op server?

  • So I've been hesitant joining ANY servers because Im really looking for a server that has a set number of people that communicate and work together from day 1. I dont wanna join a server that is past the first week and I dont really wanna join a server that just has random people jumping in and out sporadically. I'm willing to rent a server if like 7 more people wanna get an actual play thru going. I'd really like to record the progress. Even just a white listed server that requires everybody on at the same time at certain times. Just looking for more of an organized play thru

  • Is a bit early for a goal of a complete play thru. The endgame material is not finished, some of the items are not working properly, and the laser is not even modeled at all in the game.

  • Isnt there an end game material of a meteor coming to destroy the planet? Cant you make your own objective?

    So basically the answer is no, each server is just kind of a waste of time that has no direction? Alright, I guess I'll purchase my own and try to get a couple people together to have some fun in a different way, thanks

  • You can turn the meteor on but there is no way to destroy it.

  • You don't need to purchase a server, i run one for me and my gf, just download the server as well as the client. We're mostly playing it to get a feel for the game before a ton of things are added as is fairly common with survival games, but I have to admit there's only so long I can play with no threats or purpose other than checking it out and looking for bugs lol. So far though, it's definitely worth trying out, I'm pretty happy with it, my only real complaint is no combat lol

  • You may have to deal without this becoming yet another RUST. Maybe they will add attacks from animals or such but the threat here is from the ecology and the meteor not from wars with other players. I think the premise of this game would be totally lost if "combat" was added.

    I am very happy to find a game that has a central focus that is not killing each other and griefing the neighbors. There are plenty of games out there where that is the premise, its nice to have something to worry about on a much grander scale. Where you are motivated to build a community or communities and work towards something rather then just getting a jump on everyone else so you can kill them and take their stuff.

  • Did you just compare this to Rust? Well in a survival situation of any sort you are ALWAYS going to deal with other people being part of the survival element. Sounds like you just are not good at PVP type games and prefer PVE. Comparing this to Rust tho is like comparing a banana with a baseball bat.

  • Hello,

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