Questions, questions, questions, Oh my!

  • So, I just discovered this game today and I had a few questions before I buy a copy.

    • If you buy a single copy of the game, does it still allow Alpha, Beta, and Steam access? This wasn't specified under the option.

    • What are the system requirements and how is the optimization? I can run games like Overwatch, The Forest, Portal 2, etc on around High settings. Will I need something better, or will my current rig work. (I'm looking at you, Ark: Survival Evolved. You've given me so many trust issues)

    • Are there 'set/official' servers, or are they all user hosted?

    Thank you in advance for any replies!

  • @Mediscoot
    Hi there il answer part of your question and let others also jump in,

    • If you buy the gameyou should get acces to alpha+beta+ steam key when released.

    • Ive ran the game on a I3-4130 + radeon hd7770, on lowest setings on 720p with 60fps, when i tryed 1080p around 25fps, so a system like that would be minimum recomended or somthing simular,

    • Medium: I5-2500K + Nvidia gtx 950 - runs game at medium settings 1080p, +- 40-80fps, with view distance on 40 out of 150max,

    • Hope this gives you a impression about the game and how it runs, in my opinion it runs very heavy compared to what you graphicly see, there are a lot of details like tree movement shadows, those consume a lot of gpu power. in it current stats it looks very badly optimized compared to other games, but thats normal i would say as its alpha and optimizations normaly comes at the end.

    • There are many hosted server, if there are any official i hope some body else can answer that,

  • @Zaskersky
    I was able to grab my specs (not at home), and would appreciate your opinion on them (for how it would run the game)

    • GeForce GTX 660 Ti, Driver Version 378.66, Intel(R) Core 2 quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHZ, 4 GB RAM

    What graphic settings can you turn change (like reflections, shadows, etc). I got Ark: Survival Evolved because my computer had the right specs to run it, and I have to run it in extreme memory mode to even get it to work. I want to double, triple, and quadruple check if I can handle it before I buy it!

    Thank you for answering my other questions too!

  • Ok lets do a litle comparison,
    cpu Q9550, will peform a litle slower then the I3-4130, but the game is not very cpu demanding as it only uses 30% on my i5-2500k. So its save to asume that your good on the cpu.

    Gtx 660 ti, is almost as fast as gtx950. so no difrence there i would say.
    only part that is a bit low is the ram, 4gb it would work but its on the edge,
    im running the game + win7 and use around 4.5gb and 2.5gb is reserved for the game, but if you only have 4gb windows will free up some of the memory, so the game still would have enoug.

    But hounest opinion, i think 4gb ram is a risk in performance depending what direction the game is going to develop in.

    Graphic options: all slider style
    Graphic quality: 6 setings, the determen shadow and light quality.
    Foliage Quality: Smooth slide, determens grass/tree quality.
    Render Scale: % based to reduce resolution pixels rendered.
    Field of view: character view.
    View Distance: 30 to 150
    minimap Details: how detailed minimap is when you have it opened. it runs very heavy.
    interface scale: % based.

    This are all the options there are at the moment.
    if you would run the game i would geus this would be your options. ->

    Graphic options: all slider style
    Graphic quality: 3
    Foliage Quality: 1/4
    Render Scale: 100% - 1920*1080
    Field of view: default is 74
    View Distance: 30-60 depending on amount of buildings.
    minimap Details: when having it open reduces fps by 1/2.

    I geus with these seting your fps would be betweem 35-70

    hope this is a satisfacting answer went prety deep ;),

  • @Zaskersky Nop. I have this CPU, and I have to play on ultra low quality, 720p with 70 (Field View). And I play with unestable 40 FPS
    and I can enjoy the game


    My GPU cant do more with this game and my FPS falls when I walk and froze when I open the minimap 8 sec aprox.
    With this PC you can play with the minimum recomended.

    @Mediscoot If you dont have a good PC, I recommend you to wait for more updates and more optimitation. Probabily in two years we will have a estable version. At the momment with my PC I can play all the game (like The Witcher 3, with goods graphics) unless this game. For this you should wait for more updates now we have few updates.

    Sorry for my english but I hope you will can understand the main idea.
    Have a good day,


  • Why wait just because you might have to run the game on low settings
    God forbid it doesn't look better than real life right?

    Jesus... It's a fun game regardless of the way it looks.. just play it lol

    okay there is one slider option that could ruin the game lol resolution scale might ruin the game a little if you turn it all the way down, but I keep it at 80% on my low end PC, yeah it doesn't look as great as my high end desktop at home but I still have lots of fun on this game :P

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