[Client Issue] Character Keeps Moving into a Direction

  • My character keeps moving into a direction (somewhat forward left) as if there was a controller plugged in and hanging. The movement continues even if I unplug all devices. The only way to fix it is to start the game, reconfigure the controls (need to remap w/a/s/d) and not click outside the gamewindow/launcher. As soon as I alt-tab or click outside the game window the issue reappears.

    If you let me know how you set up the controls in unity i will check the output myself as this is probably really hard to reproduce on other machines (and I have some software/hardware attached that is uncommon).

  • uncommon hardware? mhh that might be tricky then if that is causing an issue ..
    when it comes to binding in unity .. it should work.. though i think the text for bindings is totally off for now. have you tried to rebind it in the launcher ? there should be an option for that

  • I have a space mouse attached for example (unplugging it does not fix the issue though).

    If i create a unity project myself and check the output of the axis it is 0. The joystickname array is also empty. So i really wonder where the input is taken from.

  • ok.. i will add to my list and forward that to the devs . but if you able to find what causes this , please shout out here . It would really help , since for them its somewhat hard to find out. its seems to be hardware/software issue on your computer and its almost impossible for them to debug unless they know what on your computer causes this =(

  • I might have a clue about what's causing it.

    I've made a couple of Unity games before and sometimes the exact same thing happens while debugging them.

    I traced the issue to my Logitech G510. Even without touching any of the "special" keys on it, it still sends commands to the Logitech Gaming Software to keep up to date, this for whatever reason, caused Unity to behave oddly to input. This might be a problem in Unity itself and possibly not just Eco.

    Anyway, you might have a software or a driver that interferes with the Unity Engine causing it to behave like this.

  • The Strange thing is that it exclusively happens in eco. Can anyone with developer access maybe send me The part of The game that Handles The player input? Will also uninstall the Logitech drivers to rule that out.

  • ok created a report on the bug tracker for it .. with all the reported bugs it might take some time for them to work trough them =( . but again every info you can find will really help her =)

    for dev issue reported https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/Eco/issues/411

  • Okay, I got it.... as expected it was the "uncommon hardware". After I killed the space mouse process it stopped moving... Strange that i got no input in unity though.


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