New MOD: Sack

  • Greetings one and all!

    I've been working on a few things and created a mod that makes a Sack Item from the Workbench. You will need Tailoring 1(so now in 5.4 it is useful) and needs 5 leather and 2 fur(which makes that useful too) It basically is an item that allows you to carry heavier stuff(lose one slot, gain .5) Tested it out and it works. One thing I am trying to figure out is to change the icon for it. Any help would be uh.. helpful lol Thanks!

  • ok, guessing I will rename it Pockets. It stacks for 100, and now lowers weight by .02 for each one you make

    By the way, I am coding this in VS, not within Unity as I saw I should have, So guessing Icons and such are inside the source code. Funny story, I was gonna pay for the rights to edit it, but I was unsure of C#, but it is almost like Java, now I wish I had.. Working on other projects like a brewing station to make beer and other drinks as well..

  • Ok.. Renamed the Item "Pockets". <file removed, outdated>

    Place in the /Mod/AutoGen/Items folder! Need one Rank in Tailoring, Made on Workbench!

  • Shall I make this Mod 5.5.1? There ARE Backpacks IN the game already, so I do not think these 'pockets' would be that useful.

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