New World

  • New Players Welcome a new server on the block.

    Legendary Official 5.5.4 Server ~ Join the Community! ~ 5.5.4

    The game world will be modded slightly for quality of life changes. Current plan is the world will not be wiped until Meteor Jesus comes in like a wrecking ball (30 days til Judgement)!

    **~~ Mods on
    ~/sethome - to set a recall point
    ~/home - to teleport back to your set recall point
    ~/tp XXXXX - To teleport to a player, replace X with the player name, CasE SensiTIve

    As I need to be world leader, I will be the server first to create the currency. However don't be afraid to band together and oust the heathen from power!

    I can be found as "Arc" the orange profile picture in the Eco official Discord server.

    Uptime from servers ~ 24/7

    ** Please up-vote this server if you found it stable and fun!**

    Find us at IP+Port =

    No whitelist. Griefers will not be tolerated. Respect everyones property and have fun!

  • I'm in!

  • was gonna check it out but my client says its offline

  • You must have tried to get it when i was doing restarts. bad timing. lol.

  • Due to my epic noobiness, wiping server but giving the persons already on the server mildly developed a quicker start.

    Server going down for a couple minutes during the wipe. I had fun with admin commands :-P

  • A Decree to all players!


    Come to the server and get a free house of logs and lumber made for you in your chosen spot!

    There is plenty of Prime Real estate available and I also will be creating a strip mall of sorts for players to claim and use as your stores.

    The plan is that each hut will house a Chest and a Store, each player will get one store. This will happen in the future if given the demand.

    New server wipe 2017/3/9

    Come join us!

  • The world has be migrated to 5.5, I understand that it may be unstable at times. Will do my best to keep it up all the time I can.

    Download #516ceabd 5.5 Client to play on the server from the Eco game website.


    EDIT Had to revert changes due to the migration tool not working as anticipated. Will convert to 5.5 when able to.

  • World currently down. Looking to get it online tomorrow with 5.5 Patch.

  • I think Im going to skip this one.
    Super tired of resets every week, 5.5 isnt meant for real play yet.
    Dont want the headaches of lag and instability when trying to chill and build stuff.

  • 5.5 is up and running, no mods for the server at the moment. current build [516ceabd]. Special thanks to PingPerfect staff for help getting it online and running! Expect the random crash once in a while, still an unstableish build. Will be adding currency soon so players can use this currency in thier shops!

    Legendary Server Name ~

    EDIT The only problem so far seen is periodically (seemingly random) it will disconnect briefly and will do a backup automatically (roughly 1 minute back). Other then that seems stable as can be.

  • Hey @Arcanine , I was playing on the new 5.5 server when I was kicked from the game. I received a caught exception error, outside of boundary of array.
    I tried to re-enter from server selection screen, and after the world loaded I was reverted back to the server selection screen. least it wasn't the objects loading 100% freeze. Progress huh?
    Is it possible to restore my player to your game?
    Thanks for any assistance you can offer. EyeZ0n.

  • @EyeZ0n there is a work around for this, i can tp your character, gotta go download the admin command you should be able to log on shortly. Just getting back from work. Is your character name exactly as posted in your forum?

    EDIT I have moved your character, if your still having the bug, post your ingame name here so I can do it properly. CasE SensITIVE

  • Going to re-enter the relevant information about the server in the main post.

  • I can be found as "Arc" the orange profile picture in the Eco official Discord server. If and when people are bugged and cannot log in due to the 100% object bug that seldom happens, you can reach me there and I can fix you.

  • There is a staging that will be coming out shortly that will be the catalyst to a steady world until Meteor Jesus destroys it. We will be moving towards it and invite everyone to wait (patiently) for it to be rolled out on the server.

    I will update the main post about the specifics when the wipe and new staging is done.

    It's going to be default with a couple mods + I will be giving a free wood cart to everyone who wishes to have one for the starting present. Keep in mind to get up hills with carts you need ramps! Tread carefully and plan accordingly (Or be forced to use your hammer on it to pick it up empty)!

  • New staging server coming online shortly, Will update the main post when i get back from work. This world will not be wiped until Meteor Jesus crashes in like a wrecking ball.

  • @Arcanine LOVE that!!

    --Arcanine was caught saying "This world will not be wiped until Meteor Jesus crashes in like a wrecking ball."

  • There is a bug currently when you hover over a storage chest/depot and a couple other stations on the minimap, it will crash your game. Avoid doing this.

  • Sorry guys, they pushed the update the moment i went to work, didnt have time to upgrade it. Going live now with the new build Staging #49758f92. There was another build pushed today also, will be updating the server to the most recent build tomorrow.

    For those who don't have it here is a link to the client to play on my server.

    -Link Removed-

  • Luxury lots available on the realm! Join up! 24/7 up-time!