• Can I just say give it to people showing real talent in this. Don't give it to the fake "Sob stories". The people that are saying they deserve it more than others always deserve it less. At least give it to FunkyMonkey for the terrible joke that made me laugh

  • @DenDog If you are referring to me, it is not a fake sob story. I have two weeks lost and I really like the game. I don't have to prove it to you but if @CavemanOhYea want's to verify I wouldn't mind messaging him a proof. Everyone here has a chance and I'm sure @CavemanOhYea will take time to read the replies and use his / her own way to weigh the replies. I am not mad or anything. I am just saying every post here can be valid. And stop judging people.

    EDIT: Anyway. I was just offended when you called my reply a fake sob story. But maybe you we're right in a sense that my reply was a bit too personal. But it's just because that is what's relevant to my life at this moment. And I like the game. I want it now but I can't afford it right now. I just don't want to flame an argument here. So I'm explaining my self a bit further.

  • Everyone is as deserving as each other, but I would love to get the game and here is why.
    My friends have the game already.
    I cannot afford the game and cant for a while.
    I want to experience new feel and design of this game compared to other games.

  • I wouldn't say i deserve it more then others but i'v been looking into this game for a very long time and i asked my brother and mom to buy it as well so we all could play together. But they don't seems to like it as much as i do. And i would die to get this game. But right now i can't afford it because of school takes all my money i have right now. So it will be a while before i can afford it so. I rly rly want this game so i could play with friends i have on steam. It would mean a lot to me :) Have a nice week and soon weekend. :) I love this community :) <3 <3 <3

    1. I'm a programer, can write mods, can test well.
    2. I lack communication skills, need to work on them.
    3. Survival/crafting games is my jam.
    4. I have several friends who have game, I really want to play with them, but I'm broke.

  • I am an economics major at my university and I am interested in how this game can help apply the principles I have learned in school and allow me to see if it would be helpful for others in my field! I would like to play in the community as well, it sounds like that's your goal as well.

  • @RhanCandia I chose you as the winner of this key. All i require is your email address. Can you also reply once i send you the key so that it can be confirmed.

    PS PM me the email.

  • @CavemanOhYea Hi. I'm sending you a PM now. Thanks.

    EDIT: PM is the Chat via your profile, right? Sent you a chat. Thanks again.

  • @RhanCandia sent to your email. hope you enjoy the game!

  • @CavemanOhYea Got it.

    Thanks will definitely enjoy this! I'll download it now! Thanks again.

  • @RhanCandia congratulations on winning the game. I hope you will enjoy it.

  • This post is deleted!

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