A manual "check room" button

  • A lot of the things in the game require room to be of a proper volume, materials, not sharing a room with other things, etc. Those conditions seem to be checked every now and then - my store stopped working at some point for no reason for example. It would be great to be able to force the game to check whether a room is suitable. Perhaps in the requirements screen? This would make the rooms easier to build and modify without affecting the server too much - even if the check is somewhat computationally expensive, players would be rarely using this functionality.

  • Actually, with a further suggestion to this idea, would it be possible to say why the current room is not suitable

    quite a lot of first timer come into the game, build a 'house', mention on the chat that they can't get the workbench to work, I go over and see why, quite a lot of the time, I tell them that they need a roof as well

  • We had something similar like that before .. did not work very well at all both for user and the game. Now every time there is a change to a room the room checker should check the room .. and i think even more often than that. What version are you on?

  • Me? Both 5.4 which is where all the new starters issues happen, and 5.5 where i tends to keep to myself

  • I'm on 5.4.

    The problem I ran into is that I had a room with a Store in it. I decided to expand the house, which meant tearing down some walls. I think that triggered the Store to think it is outside, and even when I closed the room up, it didn't register. I couldn't remove the store since someone had stuff in it, so I had to fudge things around it.

    I put some windows in my wall holes, patched some things up, etc. Then the thing was complaining about there being 9 crafting tables in the room, while it didn't have a problem before. The room had a lot less than that. I removed everything from the room and then it would go again. When I added a Butcher's Table, it again complained about having 9 things.

    Generally, it would be great to have some sort of better insight into the room validation. Perhaps a button to highlight the entire room and all of the conflicting tables?

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