5.5 Hammer ?? how do you get it ?

  • so I am not sure how to unlock hammer

    it seems that in work bench its only craft able with wood working but to unlock wood working you need research carpentry but only way to research carpentry is to create hammer, but in 5.5 only skills you get are now located in survival skill tree, and none of them give you a hammer it seems ?

    to unlock other skill trees you have to unlock them and hammer does not seem to be unlock able so far any more.

    seems to be one of the changes from 5.4 to 5.5 any one playing 5.5 can help person out ?

  • the only workaround for this is for an admin to gift you a hammer. besides for that it's posted in bug reports.

  • I am currently going update and download new version for my server and my self have you tried it yet seen if this works ?

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