Invert y

  • Hey guys logged in today to find i have no movement with my mouse. mouse works with normal computing stuff. checked the settings, the invert Y buttons is now all ways checked. never use to be checked. now i dont have 360 movement with mouse just the boring W S A D keys. cant do jack with it. Plus is there a way you can reset the controls of the game as i thought and tried to change the input keys. now i think i have messed them up.


  • Howdy ! What version are you on?

    there is a strangeloop folder in your appdata/LocalLow somewhere, where the config are saved if you are using Windows . You should be able to delete just this folder and by that resting everything eco config related.

  • cheers NoBlack Thunder. i am running 5.4

  • Yes NoBlack. that done the job. thanks for the help. thumbs up to you. :)

  • Happy to help =)

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