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  • Ecoverse - By

    This was the server name I played on yesterday.
    I can still pull up the graphs:

    But I can't seem to find it when I log in.

  • Have you found the server again yet?

  • Yes, thanks. I found a way to favorite it so it doesn't get lost again. Thanks!!

  • Ok, so I found it again, but its not letting me in to play. It says "Connecting..." with the waterwheel spinning, but nothing else happens. I've tried closing out, logging out and back in again, restarting the computer.

    It lets me join other servers and create characters on them, but not on the server I was on yesterday.

  • This is actually a very common issue at the moment. By the sounds of it, you're encountering the 100% loading error bug. This is what happens when for some reason, (it could be a number of reasons) You have fallen through the map so low that the game doesn't know how to load where you currently are. The only current fix known is to have the server admin directly move you back to spawn using a teleport mod, or have the server admin revert to a backup save previous to you falling through the map.

    Two players on the server I host have encountered this issue when they log off, so when they log back in, they are unable to load in. Luckily, my server has a mod on it which allows Me or an admin to teleport you back to default spawn when you're offline. With this in mind, the only way to play on that server again is to contact the admin and have them fix it for you. Otherwise, play on a new server.

  • If you are able to contact the admin and get back online, awesome. If not, I highly reccomend you join This server.

    It focuses on being accessible to players, and a place people can play where they do not need to worry about losing their progress.

    I wish you all the best and hope you get a favorable outcome!

  • "Connecting" and spinning wheel, I see that sometimes.. It means server is down for whatever reason, even tho it exists in the server list.. as a 'ghost' and even tho it's showing players on it...

    Loading object at 100%, that needs a /tp reset by someone. Your location got jacked up and can't be loaded up.. I chopped a tree once and jumped at it to force it to fall down in a certain direction; no, it fell on me, jacked me up.. my coords showed -21212312etc..

    Dump to server list after loading cuz it can't load the map> for 'reasons' in game map causes the server to not be able to load up. You need to join another server/make your own one offline and close the ingame map. Then log into the server you played on

  • I play on the same Server. It freezes last night and unfortunately no one was restarting it right now.

  • Hey Yrhcaznoraa, i've spoken to you on the server a few times, i have gotten stuck in the ground :( and have the connecting issue you had. Do you know who the admin is?

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