5.5 new generation world bug

  • so what seems to happen is,

    when you create a world on server and then generate a new world.

    size i am using is 90 x 90

    height 100

    it starts to connect loads object then i get error saying object load failed i think it saying it happne spretty qucikly after load objects is completed and then it goes back to main menu

  • could you atach some server logs?

  • @NoBlackThunder said:

    could you atach some server logs?

    so it turns out, that its time issue.

    if you are a client and you connect to a server that changes it world by generating a new one, for some reason it takes longer for the world to be able to be initialized and loaded into, or its server takes longer second time to generate aka load everything up correctly then it does first time.

    ether way it seems to be some type of delay... with with loading up or loading into server when your generating new worlds over and over, and you want to just hope in to check it out before u play on it then regenerate a new world hope in see whats up.

    this causes some type of delay i meant with loading which and causes it do disconnect, even thought server is showing up on the list and allows connections.

    but anyways it seems to correct it self after quit 6 mins or so, it just seems like it takes longer because you sitting there waiting, i ran few test on this make sure it was not anything other then timing event.

    so make new world

    delete world

    generate new world

    wait 8 mins before trying to connect or longer

    or you drive your self nuts.

    which leads me to question are you guys working on a out side of game tools for example something that would allow us to put in world size and height and a seed then allow us to do quick previews of what world would look like with out having generate new world each time with the server ?

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