Everything turns to chests bug

  • I just bought Eco today, and after about an hour of playing, elk and bison started dying and disappearing in front of me. I tried shooting an arrow at them, and it said I hit them but then they'd disappear. After I returned to my house, everything that is usable turned into a chest. The workbench, all ramps, the till at the store, and other types of work benches all turned into chests. I left the game and shutdown my laptop for about 2 hours. I came back on the game, and the issue still persists.

    Please help with this issue. It renders the game unplayable for me, and I hope I didn't waste $40 on this game.

  • You didn't waste your money. The game is in alpha and is a work in progress. The devs have us here to help them to make the game better by reporting these bugs. Please don't get discouraged and quit, thinking it was a waste of money. As time goes by the game can only get better as new version updates come out.

  • though more confirmation from other users would be nice and some more pointers. every single bit of information helps

  • I call that the chest bug, where every interactive item, (also including ramps) turn into a chest, I found that the best fix for this is just simply to relog (disconnect and then go back onto the server) this always fix the problem for me

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