0.5.5 Dead animals flooding server

    • Windows 7 / 0.5.5

    As I let server run the accumulation of dead animals gets to the point the lag makes me restart server. When I move on to new area in the world it stays clear for some time, but then i start noticing more dead animals. Some are havestable, but many are not. So the server ends up just filled with animal bodies. As i mentioned this seem to be occurring only in areas where players are. Additionally logged out players seem to generate the dead animal problem around them.


  • @Alex_Crazy

    yah there a lot of dead bodies I had to decrees my view distance, the dead bodies do disappear if you able to loot them but if there unloot able they seem to stick around for a unknown length of time they do disappear after while but I think it be nice to have some control over how long animals that can not be looted hang out.

    so if in tool set we could on server side control time animals that are looted stay in the world and then control how long animals that can be looted stay in world it be nice and helpful with this issue.

  • If you have hunting and plenty of arrows, you could shoot these unharvestable animals to delete them from the world, just a short-term, if you're really lagging, fix

  • @Ridededog

    there not enough wood in game to make enough arrows to do that

    seems like as animals spawn in they auto die sometimes

  • any ETA on this, on our server animals completely stopped disappearing ones that are dead i noticed same wolf been dead in my house for last 24 hours real time.

    so it seems now game world is just bogging down with dead animals - we all had to litterly stop playing because there so much lag from dead animals laying around its impossible to walk its like a slide show now also its hard walk due to having push through all animals laying around.20170308125218_1.jpg

    the whole server landscape is littered with dead animals and animals spawning only to instant die and the bodies stopped disappearing.

  • 5.5 is still experimental build. and not meant to be played on as default .. tis more if you like a preview or find rare bugs ( most bugs are already known bugs on the staging builds) No eta but most likely before it will get a final stable release.

  • @NoBlackThunder

    I dont know i think 5.5 is more stable then 5.4 even with the dead animals diff more fun to play then 5.4 and as far as we can tell has less issues only major one being dead animals. :)

    so you guys most be doing great job then.

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