Running a server

  • I was wondering if it is possible to run my own server. Do I have to go through Commercial Hosting, or can I do it with my own machine in my own house? I'm so tired of having to find a different server every few days (basically starting over) because the server I was previously on decided to shut down without warning or explanations.

  • Yes, when you grabbed the download for the client, the server zip file is right there with it. Run the server file and then log into it. It will show up in your server list when you start the client.

    EDIT UPDATE : When the GUI of the server pops up.. make sure to go to the NETWORK tab and then in there set publicserver to true if you want others to join you, and false if you want it as private.

  • There is a small guide on how to host a public server

  • One thing to note.. World Regeneration does NOT work. So the first time you run the server, it will generate the world. WAIT for it to finish. Read the GUI carefully. If you try to choose REGENERATE to make a new world, it will crash. And you will not be able to use that server again. You will be forced to unzip a new server copy and start all over again. The Devs need to fix it and I have reported it several times over the past few versions, but they never have fixed it yet. So just giving you this message now to save you any kind of headache.

  • Thank you very much!!!

  • If your looking for a server thats always open and focuses on bieng accessable and supporting for the player, read this. I assure you, its worth it.

    The server is registered for at least 12 months with the host. So its not going anywhere soon. Drop this link a read here

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