Some Ideas I have

  • -Setting the server time as the sistem time (the in-game time is the real life time).
    -enter chat menssages via server interface.
    -makes 200x200 or larger maps less memory eater (my inocence makes me belive my low end hotweels laptop could run a 500x500 world).
    -out planet adventures (not as a space game but something like send satelities to space to map the world)
    -meke the worldmap only aviliable after discover the satelitie (before this stage the map is just draws in papers ,and only will be revealed after the player discover the area , this will make the players really explore the world ,and not just see the entire map in early game).
    -tools with durability, to make sense the ability to forge the firsts tools
    -(this was some other guy in the forum whos comment this:) beds, to consume less calories when go off game to gain skill points for more time afk.(better beds affects the quantity of calories lost, like a sleepingrag consume 5% less calories and a master double bed of adamantiun consume85% less, just an exemple, not like will have adamantiun in game or something like this hehe )
    -more underwater biomes, with corals, plants in the botton of the ocean, more water life , an boats(I said boats before, so... submarines... underwater exploring).
    -some skilltree to catalogue the animals and wild life and plants in the world,(the world can have nothing showed the name of the things and nothing about the animals and the player needs to study every specie to know what is in the world. higher lvs of that skill affects how precise are the datas about the wild life and plants).
    -more tipes of woods and variations of logs.(just cosmetic , or... rare woods logs types can be more expensive to buy, so the players needs to see whats is more important , a beauty rare dark oak house in the woods or save the dark oak woods from the extinction).
    -birds as real animas, not just as a cosmetic in the world.

    this is some ideas I have, sorry my bad english.

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