Unable to Play

  • Well I can't play the game at all because it's a .zip file and I have no idea what software to get in order to undo the .zip and let me play. Can someone help? I tried to have it run via java but it just did a black screen and went away. I can't remember what I am suppose to do in order to force run a file via command prompt from the "desktop"

    Like, making the first cmd prompt line before you start typing look like "C:Users\Username\Desktop>" That always works but I can't remember how to do it.

  • Are you using windows as a operating system ?, if yes download.
    winrar 32 or 64bit depending on your pc/operating system all modern pc's use 64bit.
    its a unpacking program to unpack zip/rar and many other files.

    after having it installed,, right click the eco file and select extract to map,
    then your game is unpacked and you can play it.

    the fact its ziped means game and all of its many small files are compresed to 1 single file to make downloading easyer and faster.

    Greetings Zask,

  • If you are on Windows, you do not need any software. Just right click it and choose EXTRACT ALL. It will make a folder for you. Windows comes with a ZIP extractor already. Unless you are on an OLD version of windows. Then you won't be able to play this game anyhow. So Windows 7 or newer will have a ZIP file extractor already built into Windows. WinRAR is a program you have to pay for.

    On a side note, if you are on Windows, Mac, Linux you can go get the FREE program known as 7-Zip and it will open ANY file that is compressed. RAR, ZIP, DMG, 7Z, ... etc etc...

  • Normaly double clicking on the zip file in windows should open the archive and you should be able to copy the content to another fore without the need for any 3rd party app because windows has build in zip support in its explorer

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