Error with 5.5 #0aef2823

  • I was play testing and got booted with a message "Caught Exception: Index was out of bounds of the array." This made it so client can't connect and get 100% loading then kicked back to the server list with no messages.

    Restarting server does not fix this issue.

    only fix that seems to work is server wipe.


  • Yea I had that problem too. I also when trying to connect to a server, I wish there was a way to know if the server is whitelisted or not. It's annoying that you get denied and then you have to shut the client down and restart it, because there is no BACK button to get back to the server list. So yea, there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed. Like Server Regeneration. IT errors and crashes and impossible to use that server from that point on. So you have to literally delete it and unzip a new copy.

  • 5.5 is very buggy, Server crashes randomly. Running windows server 2008 with serverwatch.exe will not reboot because of the error notification that pops up.


    Thats the error I get

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