Own server, the thing with the townhall....

  • Hiho everybody. Playing Eco for a week now, with 5.5 I want to get my own server, won't be worrying about a wipe anymore and stuff like that. So, in general I want a server where everyone has the same rights and stuff, don't want spawn any items (if that's even possible), but I'm concerned in one thing: The townhall. As the admin of the server I would like to run/build the townhall, that's the only advantage I would like to have, is there a possibility to do this? I checked youtube, the wiki and forums to get some infos about the townhall in general, but couldn't find really helpful things I guess. Thanks in advance.

  • From my understanding of your issue you could simply use your deeds and claim the area where the Town Hall will be. This would allow you to restrict other players from building/removing anything from said area, and if you do not lock the chests in the area, they should be able to access them. AFAIK you should be able to place the Town Hall workbench and people should be able to use it.


  • Yep, sure, but then I should definately the first one who researches/build the townhall. Friend and me started the server yesterday (and hope we convert to 5.5 later without problems), but it is not listed YET, so we have some time in the beginning....

  • You don't have to research the Town Hall things necessarily, all you have to do is claim the area where you are planning to build the Town Hall, allow your friend on the deed and you both can work and modify the town hall without letting any other user interact with it, unless for instance you have a chest that is not locked inside claimed area.

  • I have two options that I quickly threw together. If what you want is different, prod me.

    Option 1

    You are the first person to be able to learn Elections. If someone tries to learn it before you, it will fail and they will be messaged saying they need to wait for you to learn it first.

    The modified Elections skill: Elections.cs

    There is a string on line 34 called playerWhoMustBeFirst. This determines who will be the first to read the Elections skill scroll. If anyone else tries to read it before them, they will fail and get a message saying "playerWhoMustBeFirst must be the first person to learn Election". The file I have uploaded currently has this set to "Fobicafa" so if that is your in-game name as well, you just need to drop the file into Mods/AutoGen/Tech on the server.

    Option 2

    Only you and your friend can learn it all. If you just don't want anyone else to learn it then this is what you want.

    File download is in the post below. I can't upload two different files with the same name in the same post so see below.

    On line 34, there is a list of strings called allowedUserNames. This is a list of the usernames that are allowed to learn the Elections skill. The file uploaded below has "Fobicafa" and "FobicafasFriend" in that list. I imagine your friend is not named that so you'll probably want to change it. The file goes in the same place as the one above would go.

    In testing locally with my trained monkey, it worked but I didn't spend much time testing so prod if it doesn't work or you want something different.

  • Modified Elections skill for Option 2: Elections.cs

  • Very cool, will check out soon. Thank you both for your help.

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