Stuck of Loading Objects 100%

  • I have a player who cant connect to the server anymore after he was able to before, he is getting the bug with the 100% objects loaded but it wont go past that, what can I do as the server admin to fix this?

  • @JKrazy117
    The solution to you problem for now is this plugin

    download the usertp-fix.cs, and place it in the folowing folder in your eco server.

    Then reboot your server go ingame, (to execute the command you have to be admin)
    type /tpo (playername capital sensetive,)
    Only type the command when the bugged player is offline else you will teleport yourself to Limbo and your acount is stuck.
    After typing the command the offline bugged players is teleported to default world spawn, and can login again.

    Greetings Zaskersky.

  • Additional information:
    Try to use different game settings.
    Thats what we tried on our server. The Bug got me and we used the command but wont work.
    Then I set my game options to lower values:

    and then it worked.

  • I dont think adjusting your graphics will work. I just tried setting everything to min and nothing happened.
    I'm an admin of a server that has been having problems with this. Today I was entering in the /tpo command for a player and the instant i pressed enter to fix it for him, i got a black screen and it sounded like i was falling into the void. Knowing the symptoms of the problem I did the /tpo command for myself, and then logged out. But it did nothing. And now I can't log into my own server.

  • @TakingBackGunch: I was only telling our expceriences on our server. And we had some people with the problem. Then hit the command and it wont work. But then we changed our graphic settings and it worked (command + client side graphic change: field of view and view distance seams to be the important changes). Did you hit the command while the player tried to connect or was online ? Use /tpo only when the player is offline.
    We had the problem too, that our admins cant login, our solution we gave admin rights to another player to use the command for our admins.