Reset Skill Points Command

  • Adds a command to reset skill points. Can be tweaked through 3 variables.


    These 3 variables are near the top of the file so you don't need to dig through to change them.

    maxResets: The number of resets a player is allowed. Set to a negative number for infinite resets. (default of 2)

    skillPointsRefundMultiplier: A multiplier on the number of skill points refunded. (default of 1.0)

    adminOnly: If false, any player can reset their own skill points. If true, command takes a parameter of the name of the player who wishes to be reset and only admins may perform the reset.



    OR (in admin-only mode)

    /resetskills PlayerName


    Drop the file in the Mods/Commands folder on the server


    5.4: ResetSkillsCommand.cs

  • good job!

    (User User in UserManager.Users - User User in UserManager.Users - User User in UserManager.Users)

  • can we get an updated version of this please? one that also allows someone to restart their character from scratch again?

  • @Kye just set the multiplier to 0 anything times 0 will always equal 0, this will reset the character back to o skill points and make then start again as if they were new to the server..... I could see this as a good punishment for people that break server rules.

  • Just a warning - used the resetskills command and then the players was no longer able to get back on the server. Apparently it caused a corrupt player file. After totally deleting the player from the game file they were able to get back on. Player was online when skills were reset and was disconnected when the reset took place. They could no longer get back in the server and got the "identity" error which usually points to a corrupt player char file. Nothing fixed it until the play file was deleted

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