Bugs Found in 5.5 Staging #edba8b53

  • Bugs Found in 5.5 Staging #edba8b53
    List of mods on 5.4 before moving (none on 5.5): Clays Toolkit - v1. R4ToolKit: Unclaim, Killdeeds.Rezoken's Shovel Mod, and the /tpo hotfix
    Server: Steplife
    Primary Testers: Fireboss4, Cr1ms0njyhad, Tibel, CivilDawn, Pepstonie, Sandi777

    This list is compiled of issues we ran into tonight in the latest staging build. All or none of these may be known so I wanted to make sure they were posted. The latest migration tool was used that was posted in the Discord announcements section. (http://prntscr.com/efecl3)

    1. Animals killed by wolves seem to be effected in one of two ways. Way one is that they can be picked up. Way two is that they are visible but it says “The carcass has already been harvested”. This leads to carcasses laying everywhere including roadways.

    2. Picking up a mint and placing it again causes a new currency to be created with the same name.

    3. Road tool does not work.

    4. Multiple items missing from the store selector (and the search&select command, since they use the same interface). Some items include: axe, pickaxe, shovel, scythe, hammer, paper, iron ingots.

    5. Opening “Economy Viewer” tab can sometimes crash the client to desktop.

    6. Chests must be replaced with new ones. (Highly likely this is from Clay’s TK Mod)

    7. Doors and chests can be hard to lock (lock button seems to be finicky and not placed right)

    8. Old stores must be removed and replaced otherwise the client crashes to server list when trying to delete or add things to the buy and sell portion. Resolution is removing everything, then deleting store and placing back down.

    9. Tables must be removed then placed back down for items to be able to be placed into the public storage section.

    10. Stores can be hammered with stock in them still. This can lead to accidental deletion of all stock.

    11. Skills show up as 0 points but skills are still there from 5.4.

    12. Tooltip “hangs” around and require client restart to remove from screen.

    13. Tooltips can get in the way of moving items between storage devices.

    14. Pump Jacks disappeared after the migration. Can craft and place new ones, but the existing ones have vanished into the ether.

    15. Small Signs do not show all text in text box. The text is written but does not display in box.

    16. Mini-map must be closed and reopened after joining server for map to actually load.

    17. Charcoal Efficiency seems to be broken. At max efficiency it shows needing 200 lumber to craft 100 charcoal. (The wiki says standard is 1 to 1.)

    18. Wood Construction Efficiency is broken as well. Before move I could make 50 lumber with 20 logs. Now it says 50 to 50.

    19. Coal that was in chests, workbenches, or power slots disappeared after upgrading to 5.5.

    20. Server shows more online then there are. Currently shows 9 online even though no one is online.

    21. No longer able to jump 2 blocks up. This may be a feature?

    22. With clambering off you must jump to walk on roads that lead out of houses or between asphalt roads and stone roads.

    23. Stairs no longer face the proper direction. All of our staircases are broken.

    24. Workbench takes much longer to complete an order then it should. This occurs at speed level 1 and speed level 5 at least. A campfire takes much longer than 1 minute and the chest timer seems to be at 1/5th speed or so.

    25. Smelting efficiency seems off. I can craft more ingots per ore, but tailings are not reduced at all. I can turn 1 iron ore into 5 ingots and 10 tailings.

    26. Skills->Metalworking Eff. reduces the cost of crafting various items; however Metalworking Speed does not reduce the craft time. Example: Blast furnace takes 1 hour at 0 speed, still takes 1 hour at 5 speed.

    27. The 100% Object loading bug still exists, except now it kicks the client with "Index was outside the bounds of the array." The /tpo mod works to fix this, and is usable in 5.5 without issues.

    Last Edited: 03-04-2017 08:50 AM EST

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  • Thank you for finding these and formatting them in a readable way; we definitely appreciate you testing the staging build.

  • Added bug number 19 to the list.

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  • Added bugs 20 through 27 to the list. (This includes Cr1mso0njyhad's [Sensbotsu] bugs from above.)

  • Occasionally will get the error, "Too many crafting tables in this room. Only 2 allowed, but 11 present." I only have a quarry and a tailoring table in the room. This happened also when I placed a bakery next to a kiln and they were the only two tables in the room. When I removed and replaced the message went away, but now the tailoring table upstairs has the message.

  • Example of #24 above. Started a kitchen crafting in the carpenter. It wasn't going very fast, so logged off about 3 hours ago. Just logged in and the 2 hour crafting time is now at 1 hour 46 minutes. 3 hours for not quite 15 minutes of progress. That's pretty bad.

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