Stolen deeds

  • The server im on in the past week has had 2 different people come in and use the logout login to bypass locked doors. Two different people have lost their deeds because of this and the new owner just destroys their house or just starts to take stuff from them. Is there any way to stop this from happening.

  • Storing deeds on the person. Storing deeds in private storage(like say a locked chest, or the private storage of any worktable).

  • I always keep mine in my backpack, never have I been able to fill the hotbar and backpack with stuff. It just people believe their house is safe with a locked door when its not.

  • @Faalin Grims World? I made my house underground and blocked the entrance with wood blocks. Since they can't destroy anything on your property.

  • @ Advent Yeah. My house is underground with a small shack for the entrance, when the guys (Fhae TaL) went down stairs I placed stone blocks on the stairs. At the top of the stairs I place a small room 1x1 block and removed one of the stone blocks, when he jumped over I ran down the stairs and replaced the block so it locked him in. Ether he didn't understand the \unstuck or it didn't work since he could still move. After about 30 min I let him out, where he proceeded to another house and stole his deed and started to claim his land. Luckily it was a newb and didn't have much or understand what was going on.

    After about 5 min the guy gave everything back but would run from house to house and log off and back on to enter their house. He finally ran into a house where two people where working and the trapped him and wouldn't let him out. After about 20 min of begging to let him out and saying he wouldn't do it again he finally logged out and we haven't seen him back for a few hours.

  • Write to server owner -> enable blacklist -> Fhae Tal
    If there will be more those kinds of people, we will establish a separate blacklist thread that server owners will be able to see.

  • Thanks for the heads up!

    I just blacklisted this user from my server before he has the opportunity to join and do the same thing.

  • Howdy, I'm the owner of GrimsWorld. You can find me on discord, or you can just on my site and post. You can even private message me on there and ill try to get back to you as fast as I can.

    (Note: GrimsWorld, servers switched to a better machine.)
    5.5: (Updated server client everyday to new version)

  • Don't wanna be that guy, but do we have any proof of this except Faalins word?

    Not saying i don't trust you, just saying it would suck to be but on a blacklist if i was innocent :)

  • Not really proof, but on another server, he walked into my house, heard him opening my chest, and crafting stations. Before I could say anything he kept sending me messages about wanting food. Please note, this server was JUST started and I was eating berries right outside my door. He did not let up begging me for food until I logged out.

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